HAF: Report incidents of anti-Hindu hate or harassment to authorities

In view of the recent event where a community member was targeted because he expressed support for the farm bills introduced by the government of India, the Hindu American Foundation has urged anyone who has been the victim of anti-Hindu hate, harassment, or threats to report these incidents to local law enforcement as well as fill out its Hinduphobia and bias crime reporting form, so that it helps to better keep track of such incidents in the United States.

“We’ve been receiving an increasing number of reports of Hindu Americans being targeted for harassment in person and on social media platforms for exercising their right to express opinions on events taking place in India,” Suhag Shukla, HAF Executive Director and Co-Founder as in a press release. 
“HAF firmly stands on the side of individuals to express their political opinions or disagree with the political opinions of others, no matter what those opinions are. However, when individuals are threatened personally or professionally for doing so, or targeted with organized retaliation it simply goes too far and moves into the realm of harassment as defined by state and local law. Hindu Americans should know and exercise their rights freely and fearlessly in all spheres of American life,” read the press release.  

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