Harvard team translating corona info in Indian languages

Boston: To help immigrants, particularly the old people in these communities, access information and advisories about COVID-19 amid a coronavirus lock-down, a first-year Indian American medical student at Harvard Medical School has come up with a bright idea.

Pooja Chandrashekar is leading a team of over 150 medical students to develop COVID-19 fact sheets and translating them into 30 languages.

These include Indian languages such as Gujarati, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi and Urdu, reports the American Bazaar.

The goal of the project, sha said, “is to translate accessible COVID-19 information into different languages that we then provide to community-based organizations and clinics.”

Chandrashekar’s team is developing and translating fact sheets on these topics: COVID-19 Prevention, About COVID-19, COVID-19 Management, COVID-19 for Children, COVID-19

Image courtesy of thesatimes | Welcome to The South Asian Times

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