Haryana to include history of ancient Saraswati River in education syllabus

Chandigarh: History of ancient Saraswati River would be taught to new generations in Haryana. The course on Saraswati River would be included in the curriculum of Kurukshetra University from the year 2022-23.  
“The decision has been taken jointly by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar and education minister Kanwar Pal. Chief Minister Khattar is also chairman of Haryana Saraswati Heritage Development Board.” Dhumman Singh Kirmach, Vice Chairman of Haryana Saraswati Heritage Development Board said.  

Kirmach said that Saraswati is an ancient river in north India which has unique historical and mythological significance for India. The culture of India is believed to have developed on the banks of Saraswati River, he said.

An 11-member committee of experts named as Saraswati Syllabus committee has been working on the project and expected to submit its report by September 15. The committee is headed by Dr Pritam Singh, assistant director of Centre of BR Ambedkar Studies at Kurukshetra University. There is also a plan to include the story of Saraswati river in school curriculum from sixth to eighth standard in Haryana Schools.

Earlier in February 2021, CM Manohar Lal Khattar had announced a budget of Rs 800 crore for construction of barrage and reservoir as part of Saraswati river rejuvenation project. Chief Minister Khattar made the announcement during the International Saraswati Festival.

A study by Centre of Excellence for Research on the Saraswati River at Kurukshetra University had identified that all major archaeological sites in Haryana namely Siswal, Rakhigarhi, Banawali, Bhirrana, Kunal, Balu and Thana were located at a radial believed to be catchment of mythical Saraswati River.

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