HBYS undertakes charitable efforts in and around NJ

When the Covid-19 pandemic surged in spring, a small group of friends and their acquaintances decided to help a family in New Jersey affected by the virus. What began as a food drive for this family developed into a group of over thirty volunteers who realized how each person could truly make a difference. With a collective admiration of the frontline workers and organizations working tirelessly during the pandemic, they formed an NGO, “Humbled By Your Service” (HBYS), and set out to serve those who were serving the masses. 

HBYS identified tasks and spread the word through personal networking and social media. The donations included cash, food supplies, clothes, gifts, and so on. The volunteers delivered food and PPE to frontline workers at hospitals in New Jersey such as the JFK Medical Center, the RWJ University hospital, seven nursing homes, and perishable food items to McFoods Network.

HBYS currently associates with CASA of Middlesex County providing items in the wish lists of children and women in resource homes. They are actively involved with charitable organizations in New Jersey such as Dina’s Dwellings, and Manavi. The beneficiaries are getting necessities including grocery, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. HBYS is donating non-perishable food and clothing for children through Bible Fellowship Church, and helping Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania on an ongoing basis by providing hay for the cattle. 

Alka Aneja, Anju Malik, Arvind Joshi, Chandresh Shah, Chandrashekhar Vyas, and several others spearhead the activities of HBYS. Young adults and teenagers are also involved in HBYS missions.  

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