‘He is a very wise man’: Putin praises PM Modi’s leadership

New Delhi: Russian President Vladimir Putin has lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his leadership, referring to him as a “very wise man” while speaking at an event. In a video shared by the Russian news platform, RT news, Putin can be heard talking about the significant strides India has made under Prime Minister Modi’s “guidance”.

“We share very good political relations with Prime Minister Modi, he is a very wise man. And India has been making very great strides in development under his leadership. This fully meets the interest of both India and Russia to work on this agenda,” Putin said.

Putin’s praise comes in the wake of the G20 Summit in India, where the New Delhi Declaration was adopted. The declaration, which Moscow hailed as a “milestone”, emphasised peace in the ongoing Ukraine conflict without placing blame on Russia, marking a departure from the previous Bali Declaration.

Earlier, Putin had expressed admiration for the ‘Make in India’ initiative, a campaign launched by Modi in 2014 to boost entrepreneurship in India, particularly in manufacturing.

Speaking at the 8th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), Putin suggested that Russia could learn from India’s success in promoting domestic industries.

Image courtesy of X@KremlinRussia_E

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