Head of Sabri clan passes away

By Prakash Bhandari

Qawwali exponent Saeed Sabri, 86, died of cardiac arrest after a prolonged illness on Sunday. His elder son Farid had passed away recently from corona. Saeed led his sons Farid and Amin to perform and the group was known as Sabri Brothers.

A large number of people attended his burial in Jaipur to pay their homage to the great singer.

Saeed Sabri was head of the Sabri clan of Qawwali singers, who as a group performed both in public functions and at religious places and were also known for singing classical bhajans. They are a different clan from the Sabri Brothers of Karachi. However, both are of Chishti origin.

“We brothers learned the art of qawwali singing sitting at the feet of our father. He was an exponent of not only qawwali singing but also bhajan and we used to sing both in musical soirees,” said a sobbing Amin.

The Sabri Brothers became known for their high standards in qawwali singing, which is a dying art. After hearing them in a concert, showman Raj Kapoor had them sing for his film Heena. This number “Der Na Ho Jaye Kahin Der Na Ho Jaye” turned out to be a superhit.

Saeed Sabri  as the lead singer believed in judging the audience’s mood and believed in satisfying the popular demands of the listeners be it sufiana or ashiqana numbers.

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