Heart of Asia Summit: ‘Afghanistan needs peace within and around it’

New Delhi: India’s External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar attended the ninth Ministerial Conference of Heart of Asia – Istanbul Process (HoA-IP) on Afghanistan in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. He asserted that Afghanistan needs “double peace” which is peace within and around the country.

During his address at the key conference on March 30, attended by representatives of 50 other countries, S Jaishankar said, “For a durable peace in Afghanistan, what we need is a genuine ‘double peace’, that is, peace within Afghanistan and peace around Afghanistan. It requires harmonizing interests of all, both within and around that country.”

“If the peace process is to be successful, then it is necessary to ensure that the negotiating parties continue to engage in good faith, with a serious commitment towards reaching a political solution,” he added.

The 9th Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process (HoA-IP) ministerial conference is part of the Istanbul Process – a regional initiative on security and cooperation for a stable and peaceful Afghanistan – that was launched on November 2, 2011, in Turkey.

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