Heatwave in UK: Boss throws pool party for employees

As the UK experiences catastrophic heatwave temperatures, people are finding newer ways to beat the heat. In such a situation, the managing director of Leeds-based HG Roofing Supplies, Stuart Houston, planned a pool party for his staff to unwind and relax. Not only this, but he also provided his employees a day off to cool off. 

A bunch of his employees took to several social media platforms, sharing photos and videos of the day off. Employees enjoyed football and badminton, relaxing in the pools, and doing other fun stuff. 

One worker wrote, “Stuart, you are the best boss ever.” Several other of his employees appreciated for what he did for his employees. Netizens are already calling him a legend or the Big boss. 

A viral video of the celebration received a whopping 2 million views on the short video-sharing platform TikTok. On YouTube, the Deadline website reposted the viral video which is 20 seconds long. 

Image courtesy of (Image courtesy: moneyconrol.com)

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