Hidden in lorry, migrants try to escape UK

London: Worried over their plight in the UK after Brexit, a group of illegal immigrants decided to flee the country in what authorities described as a “very rare and unusual attempt”.

French authorities were shocked to discover 33 runaways hiding in a lorry in Calais, France.

The group of 27 men and four women told immigration officials that they “feared how they would be treated after Brexit”, the Metro newspaper reported.

“They were found in a lorry and told security that they were leaving because they feared how they would be treated post-Brexit,” a source said.

“They said they were worried their rights would be curtailed when we are no longer in the EU. Then they were sent back by French authorities in three lots of 11, escorted by police, and taken to immigration centres.”

As of Feb 9 night, 31 members of the group were back in the UK and being held at immigration detention centres, the Metro newspaper said.

Immigration officials at Calais discovered them hiding in the container after stopping the lorry at a checkpoint.

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