Hindu Unity Day 2023: Hindu organizations pledge to work together

The 4th Hindu Unity Day was organized by Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) Greater Charlotte and South Carolina Chapter at BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir in Mathews, North Carolina on August 5, 2023. The event was a great success with many representatives from the Hindu/Indian organizations joining in big numbers and pledging to work together for the Hindu community.   

Vikas ji Deshpande (HSS National Media Team Lead) who delivered the keynote address thanked the organizations for their wholehearted participation and urged them to work together for strengthening Hindu unity. He urged them to make sure the Hindu community is strong enough to face challenges and also serve the local community together.   

Vikas ji said that the Hindu community is facing many challenges in the form of the caste bill sb403 introduced in California state. The community needs to be alert against such moves as it might draw a wedge among the community members. He said that coming together makes many things possible and asked the organizations to explore opportunities to come together and serve the needy local community like using Sewa Diwali platform and doing a food drive in Charlotte during Diwali.   

Representatives from 34 organizations that included temples, spiritual and yoga organizations, regional and language-based organizations, wellness organizations, and business organizations joined the event and shared their organization’s vision and mission and pledged to work together to strengthen Hindu unity.   

Another 18 organizations wanted to join the event but could not join due to some conflict but shared either a video message or pledged to join the event in the future and support this noble mission of strengthening the Hindu unity for the future generations.   

Aravind ji Modini (Media Coordinator, HSS NC/SC) made the opening remarks wherein he welcomed the representatives for joining the event and said unity brings in lots of changes. He said that the Hindu community is one of the most peaceful communities and Hindus in USA have contributed so much to areas of technology, medicine and business.   

Giving a call that the Hindu community should work together so that we can create an eco-system for the next generations to prosper and follow our culture without any fear of being bullied he urged the community that Hindu unity should not be just a photo-op but action on the ground.   

All the organization participants thanked HSS for hosting the event and bringing all like-minded organizations under one umbrella. Some of the prominent community leaders who joined the event included Shri Baldev Thakor from Art of Living, Shri Mumukshu Brahmbhatt, from BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir, Shri Hemant Amin from Hindu Center, Shri Vimal Patel (Gujarati Samaj, NC) and Shri Mahesh Dongre from HSS. Other participants included Shri Shiva Das (Coordinator, HSS Intellectual Activities, SE Region), Harikrishna Nagabandi (Senior Volunteer, HSS NC/SC), Tushar Karodi (Senior Volunteer, HSS NC/SC) and Shantanu Wadodkar (Aum School, NC).   

Everyone enjoyed the presentations shared by the organizations and was served a tasty vegetarian dinner by the BAPS  Mandir after the event.   

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