Holi 2022: Delectable Gujiya recipes to impress family, friends

The celebrations of festival of colors and joy is incomplete without enjoying some flavorful ‘gujiyas’ and sharing them with family and friends. This traditional sweet dish is a must during Holi. Filled with the deliciousness of khoya, dry fruits and cardamom, the crisp outer crust and soft fillings makes it the most appetizing delicacy of the day. Nowadays, people enjoy experimenting with its flavors to lend it a surprise element. Add some twist and savor the age-old gujiyas in its new avatar.

Gulkand Gujiya

Gulkand is a sweet preserve that is made with rose petals and mixed with sugar. You can add gulkand to your traditional gujiya filling, and this will give some more flavor to the recipe. The khoya filling mixed with gulkand will melt in your mouth.

Coconut Gujiya

Instead of using khoya filling for the gujiya, add some shredded coconut mixed with sugar, dry fruits and cardamom. This recipe will add some crispiness to your gujiya and will definitely be an instant hit among your friends and family.

Apple Gujiya

In this recipe, add some saute apples with khoya, dry fruits and cardamom and make crispy and sweet gujiyas on the occasion of Holi. Apple gujiya is surely a delight and will satisfy your sweet dish cravings.

Namkeen Gujiya

Add some salty flavor to your traditionally sweet gujiya. It is prepared with grated coconut, mint leaves and allpurpose flour. You can serve it with green chutney or imli chutney and have it with a cup of tea.  

Chocolate Gujiya

The mixture of chocolate with gujiya takes the innovation in the recipe to a different level. Make the chocolate filling by mixing fresh cream and fine chocolate together and adding some chocolate chips to it. The fusion of chocolate and gujiya will give a modern take to your traditional gujiya recipe, and it will be loved by all age groups.


Chocolate, Gulkand, Kesar Gujiya

Recipe by MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria


Cardamom powder

White pepper powder


Powdered sugar

Mixed dry fruits


Cinnamon powder

Multi-colored saunf or fennel seeds




Dark chocolate



All purpose flour



(For all gujiyas)

* Take out 2 cups of maida (or all purpose flour) in a mixing bowl and add 4 tbsp desi ghee to it. Mix properly. Take out 1/3rd of this mixture for chocolate gujiya and keep it in a separate bowl.

* Add water to prepare the dough and leave it to rest for 20 minutes.

(For chocolate gujiya)

* Add 1 tbsp cocoa powder to the mixture and add a bit of water and knead it. Set aside for 20 minutes.


(For all gujiyas)

* Heat a wok and roast 2 cups khoya. Keep stirring it till it is light pink and its moisture dries out. After cooling it down, add sugar as per taste.

* Divide the khoya in three parts – separate for kesari, gulkand and chocolate gujiya.

(For kesar or saffron gujiya)

* Mix powdered sugar, chironji and kishmish, along with a spoon of soaked saffron.

(For chocolate gujiya) 

* Add grated chocolate, dried fruits like almonds, cashews, pistachios and nuts to the khoya and mix properly.

(For gulkand gujiya)

* Add 1/2 cup gulkand to 1/2 cup khoya and quarter-cup desiccated coconut, chironji, kishmish, sweet sauf and nariyal lachcha.


* Knead your dough one final time to make it smooth.

* Divide the dough in small balls. Roll these balls in a size that fits gujiya maker.

* Take quarter cup maida or all-purpose flour in a bowl and add a little water to prepare a slurry to seal gujias.

* Fill different kinds of stuffing to make chocolate, kesar and gulkand gujia.

* Fry the gujias in medium hot oil.

Store it and enjoy it on Holi.

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