Holi with Rainbow Clouds

Have you ever imagined playing Holi with the clouds? Well, this unusual storyline is created by the author and an independent publisher Rakhi Singh, which is about a little girl Pia who is very excited about the Indian festival of colors – Holi. She finds herself playing Holi with the rainbow-colored clouds in her dream. This fiction story takes you through a journey where the clouds play tricks on Pia to color her. References from real-life scenarios are depicted like having fun, tricking people, and showering colors on them. It’s interesting to see how the clouds and Pia play Holi together. 

“Living outside India has made me realize how much I miss India. That’s what has inspired me to write books on Indian culture which would benefit children and adults too who reside outside India and want to get connected to the roots again,” says Rakhi. 

Holi with Rainbow Clouds would be greatly enjoyed by anyone 3 years and above. A lovely story for bedtime, travel or holidays. The vibrant and bold illustrations would attract their attention for long. There are some facts and significance about the festival in the beginning of the books for the readers who are not familiar with the festival. 

The story sheds light on developing emotional resilience among children and staying happy, composed and joyful in any unexpected situation. Rakhi Singh believes that teaching with fun elements becomes more engaging and enjoyable. Here, teaching children about the festival and the rainbow colors is the educational aspect weaved through the imaginative and playful characters. It’s a perfect story to stimulate children’s imagination. 

One can find her other books about Navratri, Sankranti, Diwali, Indian Mantras and Vedas, Children’s activity and Coloring Books on her Amazon store. https://tinyurl.com/5ce2k5ub

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