How God helps us in our lives

If we look back at our own lives, we will find that God’s hand has always been there to support us.

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Many times we may think that God is enjoying the heavenly regions without knowing what difficulty we are having on earth. Little do we know that God wants to help each one of us.
We might think that God is not aware of what is happening with us, but God is aware of each action that occurs in our lives. If we know that God is aware of everything that happens to us then the next question that arises is, “If God knows what is happening, why is God making us suffer? Why do we have problems in this world? If God can do anything, why doesn’t God take all the problems away?” There is an interesting story that helps to explain God’s predicament.
There was a grandfather who went to visit his daughter and his grandchild. Grandparents have great affinity for their grandchildren. When he went to his daughter’s house, he saw that the grandchild was kept in a playpen. As soon as the grandchild saw the grandfather he said, “Grandfather. Grandfather! Get me out of this. I want to play with you.” All grandchildren love their grandparents, so the grandchild wanted to get out of the playpen, but just as the grandfather reached his hand toward the child, his daughter said, “Don’t touch the child. He did something very wrong, and he is being punished.”
Although the grandfather wanted to pick up the child, his daughter told him not to, so what is the grandfather supposed to do? The grandfather could rule over his daughter and say, “No. no. no, I am picking up my grandchild anyway,” and have difficulties in that arena. The other option is that he could turn around, walk out of the house, and leave, but then the grandchild would be devastated. So the grandfather came up with a solution. He climbed into the playpen himself and played with the child.
Similarly, this is what God does for us.
If we look back at history, saints have come in all traditions, all cultures, all times, and all walks of life. They have always come to help the people in those times. They are the ones who are compassionate. This is why many saints have suffered for each one of us.
This is why many religions talk about the founders suffering for our sins. What are our sins? Our sins arise from our breaking the spiritual laws, from not living according to the highest ethical principles.
If we look back at our own lives, we will find that God’s hand has always been there to support us. Many times we do not appreciate or see God’s help in our lives because we are unable to gravitate to that level where we experience that God is with every one of us at each moment. lf we were able to sit quietly and focus within through meditation, we would then come into contact with the True Reality. We would connect to the divine Light within and begin to perceive how God is working for our benefit at every moment of our lives.

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