How to balance out excess salt in food

If there is no salt in the vegetable, then the food has no taste. But many times it happens that due to lack of experience while preparing the vegetable, people put more salt in the vegetable. In such a situation, the whole taste of the food gets spoiled and then people do not even like to eat it and the whole vegetable prepared has to be thrown away.

In such a situation, when there is too much salt in the vegetable, there are ways to fix it. You can easily reduce the amount of salt in the vegetable by adopting these methods.


If more salt is added to the vegetable, then you can use boiled potatoes. For this, put boiled potatoes in a vegetable with more salt. This works to absorb more salt in the vegetable. After that, take out the potato while serving the vegetable.

Lemon juice

The taste of lemon is sour. In such a situation, if more salt is added to the lentils, then you do not need to worry. Add lemon juice to it as its sourness will equalize the amount of salt


If the amount of salt in lentils or vegetables has increased in any way, then in such a situation, use flour dough. The dough will absorb the salt. After a while, take this dough out of it. Due to this, the taste of both will also be absolutely perfect.


You can use curd if there is more salt in the vegetable. For this, add one or two spoons of curd to the vegetable and mix it well. The curd will balance the salt content and your vegetable will become tasty again.

Desi Ghee

Desi ghee or clarified butter also works to reduce the amount of salt in the vegetable. Along with salt, if chilies have become too much, then use desi ghee.

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