Huge screen can’t be erased by your phone: Boman Irani

Good writing is the need of the hour, feels actor Boman Irani, to sustain audience interest at a time when OTT provides a surfeit of choice.

“The OTT platform gives an opportunity not only for writers but also actors and technicians. However, on OTT, there are thousands of choices. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to reject if you cannot engage the audience in their home. This can be avoided with good writing, which also applies for the rest of the show. Writing has become the superstar on the OTT platform,” Irani said in media reports..

“If your script is not good, your acting won’t come off well, and I say this even for theatrical releases. Why should you have weaker scripts just because it is in the theatrical space?” he adds.

Quizzed if the OTT platforms will eventually replace the big screen experience, the actor replied: “When television came, footfalls reduced in single screen cinemas and then again there was a surge. I think the big screen is a completely different experience, there will be movies made for the big screen. I don’t think it can be replaced, because it is a family experience which people look forward to especially in India. A huge screen and great sound cannot be permanently erased by something which is screened on your phone.”

Irani’s upcoming projects include “83”, “Jayeshbhai Jordaar” and Ajay Devgn’s “Mayday”.

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