Hyderabad startup develops India’s first fully-cryogenic rocket engine

A Hyderabad-based space rocket company, Skyroot Aerospace has developed a fully cryogenic rocket engine running on two rocket propellants, liquid natural gas (LNG) and liquid oxygen (LoX).

The engine was test-fired for about 20 seconds as part of the demonstration. 

A team of around 20 rocket engineers worked on this project for nearly two years. They have named the rocket engine ‘Dhawan-1’ after Padma Vibhushan rocket scientist Satish Dhawan.  

Pawan Kumar Chandana, co-founder & CEO, told Times of India that traditionally, liquid Hydrogen has been used but now space agencies, as well as space companies, are working on LNG because it is not only a greener fuel but also more cost-effective as compared to liquid Hydrogen. Even ISRO is working on it. 

Cryogenic engines are rocket propulsion systems that use propellants at cryogenic temperatures, which is less than -150 degrees Celsius. 

Image courtesy of (image courtesy: swarajyamag.com)

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