‘I am scared of auditions’: Ranbir on Hollywood dreams

Alia Bhatt is currently in London, shooting her maiden international project ‘Heart of Stone’. However, her husband and fellow actor Ranbir Kapoor is in no mood to join this list soon. In a recent interview, Ranbir admitted he was reluctant to move to the West for work.

Ranbir was last seen on screen in 2018 in ‘Sanju’. This year, he will have two releases in ‘Shamshera’ and ‘Bramhastra’. While promoting ‘Bramhastra’ in a recent interview, Ranbir spoke about Alia’s upcoming Hollywood debut and his own non-existent Hollywood dreams.

Speaking with Dainik Jagran, Ranbir responded to a question about if he is planning to follow Alia into Hollywood and said, “Meri gaadi yahan theek chal rahi hai (I am doing just fine here). I am happy with that much. I don’t have any Hollywood dreams. All my dreams are for ‘Brahmastra’. I have always believed that if you want to reach an audience worldwide, you can do it with your own culture and language. I feel whatever content is entertaining in your culture, it can touch all audiences”.

Talking further, Ranbir revealed another reason why he does not want to hitch his wagon to Hollywood any time soon. “I am really scared of auditions,” the actor said, adding, “The dreams Alia has, I have never seen in anybody else. But I am happy where I am”.

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