I Celebrate All of You Today!

Meera Gandhi

Indians in the USA have excelled in all fields. Thanks to the efforts of each and every one of us, Indians are respected in the US as the best doctors, lawyers, AI experts, tech leaders, social entrepreneurs, radio x-ray and lab leaders, and so on… We remain committed to our families here as well as in India and overseas. We are usually the problem solvers, analysts, and visionaries in our families. I celebrate all of you today!

India has come very far in 75 years. She is respected on all global platforms by world leaders everywhere. This is a source of great pride and satisfaction that Indians as a whole work super hard and are known to be problem solvers to get the job done!

Earlier this month, India declared that she will have net-zero emissions by 2070. This is a remarkable commitment given that India is dependent on fossil fuels for nearly 70 percent of its energy needs. We all need to protect the planet and its resources to insure its survival for future generations to come. I am pleased that India is taking this matter seriously.

The number of women in all areas of the workforce is up by 22 percent and the world is shifting more of its technical and digital back-end work to India. Indian companies are buying global brands. Recently, Tata acquired Ford motors. They already have Jaguar and Land Rover in their bouquet.

I think the spiritual fabric of India is intact and each time I am back in India, I feel the spiritual energy and pulse.

The new power players are the digital companies and social media giants, all have Indian CEOs at their helm. Google, Facebook, Palo Alto Networks, Twitter, Netflix content acquisition head, and the list goes on and on… Indian brains and intelligence are noteworthy.

Yes, India and we as Indians have much to celebrate on the 75th anniversary of India’s independence.

Jai hind and God bless!

(Meera Gandhi is a New York-based global philanthropist and the founder of The Giving Back Foundation.)

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