I want to boost performance with each passing competition: Neeraj Chopra

New Delhi: Ahead of the start of his competitive calendar in 2023, Tokyo Olympics gold medalist Neeraj Chopra has said that he wants to keep on enhancing his performance with each passing event and year.

The Diamond league is set to tee-off in Doha on May 5, with the best track and field athletes making their way to Qatar to compete in the international competition.

Neeraj is getting set to compete in the event after winning the 2022 Diamond League final that was held in Zurich. Before traveling to Doha to compete in the Diamond League, which will be the first competitive tournament of 2023, Chopra talked about how he is preparing to compete against the best in Doha.

“My preparations are going well. We were in South Africa recently where we were focusing on concentrating on strength and conditioning. Now we are in Turkey at the Gloria Sports Arena to improve my technical skill so that I am in peak condition to compete in the Diamond League in Doha,” said Neeraj in a virtual media interaction on Sunday.

“This year we have a hectic competitive schedule with the Asian games in October later this year, so I want to improve technically as much as I can before we start competing this year. Along with the coaches and physios we are planning my training schedule very precisely so that I can improve while giving myself enough time to recover also because I want to compete in as many competitions this year as possible and avoid any kind of injuries.

“I am always looking to improve so that is my main focus this year also, I want to keep on enhancing my performance with each passing competition and year,” he added.

Neeraj, who won the silver medal at the World Championships in 2022 that were held in Eugene, also talked about how motivated he is to compete against the best athletes in the world at the Diamond League in Doha.

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