IIT Madras develops indigenous secure Atmanirbhar mobile operating system

An IIT Madras-incubated firm has developed an Indigenous Mobile Operating System that can benefit India’s 100 crore mobile phone users. Called ‘BharOS,’ this software can be installed on commercial off-the-shelf handsets. It provides a secure environment for users and is a significant contribution towards ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat.’

BharOS Services are currently being provided to organizations that have stringent privacy and security requirements and whose users handle sensitive information that requires confidential communications on restricted apps on mobiles. Such users require access to private cloud services through private 5G networks.

BharOS comes with No Default Apps (NDA). This means that users are not forced to use apps that they may not be familiar with or that they may not trust. Additionally, this approach allows users to have more control over the permissions that apps have on their device.

Image courtesy of (Image courtesy: indiatoday.in)

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