IMPACT applauds “historic election” of Indian-Americans

Leading Indian-American advocacy and political action committee IMPACT has applauded the “historic election” of Indian-American candidates in the 2020 US elections, saying voters and candidates from the community demonstrated their burgeoning power and influence across key battleground states.

As many as 14 candidates of Indian-descent, endorsed by the political action committee IMPACT, were elected in the November 3 elections.

Executive Director of IMPACT Neil Makhija in a statement applauded this year’s historic election for Indian American candidates and voters.

IMPACT said the 2020 election featured a record number of Indian American candidates running in key state and federal races across the country, as well as the first Indian-American to be on a presidential ticket, in vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

IMPACT raised a groundbreaking $10 million to support turnout efforts in the Asian-American and Indian-American community and to elect IMPACT’s 2020 slate of candidates.

The funds were invested in the presidential, state-wide, and congressional races in battleground states, including nearly $2 million apiece in Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Carolina and Texas.

“This year’s election represented a giant leap forward for Indian-Americans’ role in US politics,” Makhija said.

“Indian-American voters and candidates demonstrated the burgeoning power and influence of this important voting bloc in decisive fashion, which will help make the difference in key states like Michigan and Pennsylvania,” he added.

Noting that while each and every Indian-American candidate deserves to be recognized for their effort, he particularly congratulated Kesha Ram for being the first woman of color elected to the Vermont State Senate, Nikil Saval for being the first Indian-American elected to the Pennsylvania General Assembly, and Jenifer Rajkumar for being the first South Asian woman elected to New York state office.

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