Imran govt ‘incapable’ of running country: Pakistan SC

Islamabad: The Supreme Court of Pakistan slammed the Imran Khan-led government over its failure to convene a meeting of the Council of Common Interests (CCI) for the last two months.

The apex court’s dissatisfaction with the government came during a hearing of the local body election case, with Justice Qazi Faez Isa heading the two-member bench, according to Geo News.

Underscoring that census was a basic requirement to run the country, Justice Isa said: “Is it not the priority of the government to release the results of the census? Despite [the PTI having] government in three provinces, no decision is being taken in the council.”

“Either the government is not capable of running the country, or it is unable to make decisions,” he said.

He further asked why the CCI report had been kept confidential. “Are good deeds kept a secret? It raises questions,” he said.

The judge, asking whether the country would run in this manner, stressed the nation needs to know what the province and Centre are doing, Geo News reported.

The two-member bench also expressed anger over the promulgation of the Punjab Local Government Ordinance.

The Punjab government does not want to hold local body elections and the entire Punjab Assembly was bypassed at the request of one individual, he said.

Meanwhile, the additional attorney general (AAG) told the court that the CCI would meet on March 24. “It is a sensitive issue, and the government wants to make a decision through consensus,” he said.

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