Imran Khan responds to PM Modi, seeks ‘enabling environment’ for dialog

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for creating an enabling environment for a “constructive and result-oriented dialogue” in a letter sent to his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi.

Khan, who is recovering from Covid-19, sent the letter in response to Modi’s message of greetings on the occasion of Pakistan Day on March 23. The contents of Khan’s letter were confirmed by people familiar with developments in Islamabad.

“The people of Pakistan also desire peaceful, cooperative relations with all neighbors, including India. We are convinced that durable peace and stability in South Asia is contingent upon resolving all outstanding issues between India and Pakistan, in particular the Jammu & Kashmir dispute,” Khan wrote.

“Creation of an enabling environment is imperative for a constructive and result-oriented dialogue,” he added.

India and Pakistan have fought three wars and have shared a fractious relationship since the two gained independence from Britain in 1947. In February 2019, tensions rose dramatically as they sent combat aircraft into each other’s territory.

Image courtesy of DNA

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