‘Imran Khan wanted to have sex with Cynthia Ritchie’

Cynthia Dawn Ritchie.

Islamabad: In the ongoing Cynthia Dawn Ritchie soap opera, Ali Saleem, aka Begum Nawazish Ali, jumped into the sand pit and revealed that the American adventurist Cynthia Dawn Ritchie was once very close to him and had even shared a room with him in the past.

This is when she had confided in him and mentioned that Imran Khan (now Prime Minister) had offered to have sex with her. Ritchie’s brazen attacks have left Pakistan polity in a daze as more or less she launches a new broadside a day to raise Cain.

Talking to a Pakistani journalist, popular Pakistani telly host Ali Saleem revealed that Cynthia had never talked to him about being raped by Rehman Malik.

“If she was close enough with me to discuss Imran Khan’s offer to have sex, she could also have talked about the rape she had gone through at the hands of former interior minister. But she didn’t,” said Ali.

Pakistani media reported, “Clarifying his position on Rehman Malik, Ali Saleem said that he had no sympathies for him given that he was the man in charge of Benazir Bhutto’s security on the eve of her murder and instead of probing him for his failure to provide the security, President Asif Ali Zardari had made him the interior minister of the country.

“However, I can confirm that Cynthia never talked to me about being raped by Rehman Malik,” Ali said.

Ritchie had claimed in a Facebook Live session that she had been raped by Rehman Malik in 2011 “around the time of Osama bin Laden’s killing”.

She had also accused former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and former Minister for Health Makhdoom Shahabuddin of manhandling her. She said that Gilani had manhandled her while he was staying at the President House.

Cynthia trashes Ali Saleem, calls his bluff

American blogger Cynthia Dawn Ritchie hit back at the claims of telly host Ali Saleem stating they’re close, and that she didn’t tell him anything about being raped.

Fulminating against Ali Saleem’s bombast, the American adventurist launched a brutal attack on him. Ritchie quoted a tweet stating she and Ali are “not close friends”, and wrote: “Thank you for correction. Ask if Ali ever met a visiting Britisher in Khi for business. And if Ali convinced her to fly to his ‘big farm’ in Chak Shezad, if he showed her horses at a stable, and about allegations that he & 2 men from PPP’s 2nd tier leadership raped her.”

Image courtesy of IANS

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