In a first, Hindu American Summit to be held at US Capitol

Washington, DC: A group of eminent Indian-Americans from across the country have come together to host the first-ever Hindu-American Summit for Political Engagement at the US Capitol, which organizers said along with others would be addressed by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Being organized by the recently formed Americans4Hindus political Action committee in association with over 20 other diaspora bodies, the Hindu-American Summit will be held at the US Capitol on June 14 to raise the concerns of the Hindu community before the lawmakers.

About 130 Indian American leaders from all over the country — Florida, New York, Boston, Texas, Chicago and California – representing 20 Hindu and Indian organizations are coming to the US Capital for the event.

Hindu Americans, he said, are doing good across the country, but politically they are way behind.

“Politically, we think, we’ve never been discriminated against, we are doing well. But unfortunately, tides are changing. I’m from California, where unfortunately, on the caste basis now, they want to add this to the discriminating factors,” cardiologist Dr Romesh Japra said on Saturday.

He alleged that organizations like Equality Labs and CARE are trying to dismantle Hinduism.

“They are behind many (anti-Hindu activities) of these things. So, we thought we should get together, unite all the Hindu Americans, all the leaders, all the executive heads of the organizations, and get here on the Capitol Hill, come to the powerhouses, the Congress and put our case forward,” he said in response to a question.

Along with McCarthy, several other Congressional leaders both from the Democratic and the Republican side are expected to address the summit, he said. McCarthy, he said, would deliver the keynote address. Prominent among those include Indian American lawmakers.

Dr Japra said the community is working towards creating the first ever Hindu Caucus – a group of lawmakers working towards protecting the interest of Hindu Americans – in the House of Representatives.

“We are trying to put together the Hindu Caucus, where we will ask all these congressional leaders, Senators and Representatives to become part of our caucus,” he said.

The community, he said, would endorse and raise funds for the Congressional leaders who agree with Hindu principles and values and are willing to help the community and talk about Hindu phobia, Hindu hate, and concerns of immigration.

Among the organizations who are part of this Hindu American Summit are American Hindu Coalition, American Hindu Federation, Americans for Equality PAC, Ekal Vidyalaya, Federation of Indian Americans, Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora Studies, Hindu Action, Hindu Action PAC of Florida, Hindu PACR, Hindu Swyamsevak Sangha, Hindu University of America, Kashmir Hindu Foundation, Patriot America, Sewa International, US India Relationship Council and World Hindu Council of America.

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