In ad, Rapper Cardi B urges New Yorkers to fill out the Census

New York: NYC Census 2020 has released a new public service announcement  (PSA) featuring multi-platinum, award winning rapper and native New Yorker, Cardi B, calling on New Yorkers to fill out the 2020 Census at this critical time for the City and the country. She emphasizes how the census is safe, easy to fill out, and vital for New Yorkers to make their voices heard and their communities counted, and touting the online options for filling out the census. The PSA will run as 30 and 60 second English and Spanish language spots on TV and digitally throughout New York City. 

Given the spread of COVID-19, the NYC Census 2020 campaign is focused on encouraging New Yorkers to self-respond to the census now. If they take a few minutes to self-respond now from the safety and security of their own homes, they will avoid a knock on their door during the door-to-door enumeration period over the summer.

“Every New Yorker should listen to Cardi B and take a few minutes to fill out the Census right away, either via phone or online,” said Julie Menin, Director of NYC Census 2020. “This will make sure that your community in New York City is counted and that it receives its fair share of critical resources for children’s health insurance, hospitals, senior centers, and more. While the U.S. Census Bureau has delayed their field outreach by two weeks, by filling out the census now, you are ensuring that no Census Bureau workers will need to visit your home later this summer.” 

“2020 is a huge opportunity to make our voices heard. This year, we have the power to decide our city’s future not just for the next four years but for the next ten,” Cardi B says in the new PSA. “The Census is about power, money, and respect for our communities. If our city is undercounted, we risk being underrepresented, especially our communities of color.” 

Image courtesy of thesatimes | Welcome to The South Asian Times

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