Inauguration ceremony of World Amity Year held in Parliament of Ontario

Toronto: In an important development amid the tense atmosphere between India and Canada, the inauguration ceremony of “World Amity Year” was held in the Parliament of Ontario, Canada in which Members of all parties participated enthusiastically. This ceremony was organized in collaboration with Jain Center Toronto to commemorate the 2550th Nirvana Utsav of Lord Mahavir with the efforts of Indian Spiritual Jain Acharya Lokesh Muniji.
In the Parliament of Ontario Progressive Conservative Party’s MPP Deepak Anand said that maintaining peace and harmony in today’s world is a big challenge. Intolerance and violence is increasing between different religions and cultures. In such an environment, organizing “World Amity Year” is very relevant. The teachings of Lord Mahavir will prove helpful in dealing with these challenges. Amidst the ongoing proceedings of the House, he introduced Jain Acharya Lokeshji in detail and praised his humanitarian work, which was welcomed by all the members of the House by thumping the tables amid thunderous applause.
In the Parliament of Ontario, NDP Party MPP Jill Andrew said that the message of Lord Mahavir is of peace, love and friendship. World Amity Year is being organized with the sacred objective of promoting these values and promoting peace and harmony across the world, hence this program has been organized in the Parliament of Ontario.
Renowned Jain Acharya Lokeshji said that Lord Mahavir was the pioneer of non-violence and peace, his teachings are more relevant in the present times than in the immediate times. Solutions to many global problems like global warming, violence, religious intolerance and inequality are found in his philosophy.
Making an indirect comment on the tense relations between India and Canada, Peace Ambassador Jainacharya Lokeshji said that politicians should not put the country and society in trouble to fulfill their selfish interests. He said that whoever does this, violence, hatred for electoral gains and promoting separatist thinking is wrong.
In the Parliament of Ontario Liberal Party’s MPP Andrea Hazell said that only through the path of non-violence shown by Lord Mahavir, an empire of peace and harmony can be established in the world.
Canada India Foundation’s Director Mr Anshul said that in the current fear and stressful environment, Acharya Lokeshji has shown courage by organizing the World Amity Year program in the Parliament of Toronto. This program has proven to be a great comfort and relief to most of the people of Indian origin here.
On behalf of Jain Center Toronto, Mahendra Jain, Raj Patil, Vipul Shah, Harshit Shah expressed their gratitude to the members of the Parliament of Ontario and Acharya Lokeshji.

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