Independence Cup 2021 Badminton Tournament in Westbury, NY

Westbury, NY: Independence cup 2021 Badminton tournament will be held at Long Island Badminton Center here on August 14th to celebrate the Indian Independence Day.

This badminton tournament is first of its kind to be hosted in Long Island, NY to have Men’s doubles matches played at the highest level. It is an exclusive tournament for players of Indian sub-continent origin.

Teams from New York, Texas, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut have confirmed their participation in the tournament with a prize purse of $5000. The goal is to promote the level of competitiveness and elevate team spirit among the Indian Badminton fraternity that spans across different US continental states.

“We are proud and honored to invite various high-level Indian badminton players to the tournament,” says Sarat Vadada, event organizer and player. 

Contact Shalin Shah or Sarat Vadada for any questions regarding the tournament.

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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