India celebrates Holi after 2 years Covid cases dip

New Delhi: Millions of Indians celebrated Holi – the festival of colors – after two years amid a sharp dip in Covid-19 cases in the country.

The festival saw restricted celebrations last year due to the pandemic.

Holi marks the last full-moon day of the lunar month. It’s a time of great cheer and fun as people smear bright colours on each other. It also symbolises new beginnings.

The day is marked with sumptuous feasts and dancing.

Some people also showered each other with flower petals as their bright colors mark the advent of spring. On the eve of the festival, people also light large bonfires to symbolise the triumph of good over evil.

Holi celebrations are taking place this year without major coronavirus restrictions in India. Across the country, crowds have gathered in open streets to celebrate.

Last year, many states, including capital Delhi, had banned large gatherings on Holi as Covid cases soared across the country. Infections have since come down drastically – India has been logging an average of 2,500 daily new cases for weeks – and restrictions have been eased everywhere.

On Thursday, the health ministry had directed states to maintain “heightened surveillance” as Covid cases rise in China, Singapore and some European countries.

Indians celebrated Holi after 2 years with rain dance and foot-tapping DJ music across the country.

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