India has the potential to become a global tech hub

I left India more than 50 years ago and later acquired American Citizenship, but the Indian in me has remained alive and active, always inspiring me toward our culture and heritage. To fulfill this longing and to stay connected, has encouraged me to get actively involved in many community organizations over the years. India @77 has made some very remarkable achievements in various fields, that I can be proud of. India now has positioned itself as a prominent player on the global stage. India’s progress, marked by a blend of traditional value and technological advancement is vividly displayed in many fields including the transformation of its banking sector. Initiatives like “Make in India”, and “Digital India” as well as initiatives in healthcare, education and social welfare are all noteworthy.  

I am particularly impressed by our advancement in the realm of banking. India has witnessed a remarkable evolution from traditional brick-and-mortar branches to a thriving digital banking ecosystem. The advent of Unified Payment Interface (UPI) revolutionized the way Indians transact, making peer-to-peer payments seamless and encourages financial inclusion. Mobile banking apps have made it possible for individuals in the remotest areas to access banking services, reducing the barriers that existed in financial participation. This digital revolution has enabled smoother business transactions, eased the burden of cash handling and promoted transparency in all financial activities. 

I am also enamored by the initiative of Digital India which aims to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge base economy. This initiative has led to an unprecedented surge in digital infrastructure, connectivity, and services. It is amazing to see that millions of Indians now have access to the internet and digital platforms, enabling them to participate in the digital economy. Whether it is ‘e-governance’, online education or digital payments, India’s digital leap has fostered greater efficiency and transparency. Particularly, Aadhar (unique identification) system has enabled the targeted delivery of social benefits, reaching the most vulnerable of society.  

As we gaze into the future, expectations for India’s digital growth remain high. With advancements in artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and fintech, India has the potential to become a global tech hub. I think the integration of technology in education, healthcare, agriculture and governance will redefine the quality of life for millions in India. The banking sector will also be likely to witness further innovations like personalized financial products, AI-driven customer service and expansion into rural areas. However, to realize these future expectations, India must keep nurturing talent, promoting research and development and fostering collaboration between the government, private sector and academia. I wish my country of birth and its citizens a bright and prosperous future for all.


– Jagdish K Gupta, MD, FACP, FACG 

President, Association of Indians in America 

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