India heading towards disaster: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on September 7 said India is facing its “worst-ever economic crisis” and is heading towards a “disaster”, while also alleging that a handful of large businesses are controlling the country with the help of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Speaking at the launch of the Congress’ ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ at a rally in Kanyakumari, Gandhi said during the British period, there was one East India Company that controlled the country, now there are three-four companies doing so.

“Today, India faces its worst-ever economic crisis. The highest level of unemployment that we have ever seen and the country is heading into a disaster,” he said. “Unfortunately, our friends in the media are fully controlled,” the former Congress chief alleged in his speech that was being simultaneously translated into Tamil by an interpreter.

Gandhi said everybody understands the economic situation in the country. However, one would never see unemployment or price rise on television and only the image of the prime minister. “The BJP government has systematically attacked farmers, laborers, and small and medium businesses of this country,” he said.

A handful of large businesses control the entire country today, Gandhi alleged. Ports, airports, coal, power, telecom, every single industry is controlled by a handful of businesses, he claimed.

“The prime minister will not last one day without their support. They control the media and they ensure that the PM is on TV 24 hours a day. In exchange, the PM carries out policies that are in their interest,” Gandhi alleged.

Today, there are three-four big companies that control entire India, he alleged. Policies like demonetization, GST, and farm laws are designed to take away from the future of India and from the poor people of India, he said.

Rahul has begun journey to retrieve India’s soul: Stalin

Kanyakumari: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has begun a journey to retrieve India’s soul, claimed Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin, and wished the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ would succeed in its goal to reinvent our glorious republic.

The Chief Minister, who received Rahul Gandhi at the Land’s End, presented him with a pink shawl and joined him in a prayer meeting at the Gandhi Memorial ahead of the launch of the nationwide padayatra.

Posting a video of the meeting in Gandhi Memorial on his Twitter site and also photographs of their meeting, he said “Today, my brother @RahulGandhi has begun a journey to retrieve India’s soul, to uphold the lofty ideals of our republic and to unite our country’s people with love.”

In another tweet, Stalin said, “at a time when communal polarization and vicious hate campaigns are engulfing the minds of people, India’s grand old party has undertaken an arduous task to unshackle India from oppression. I wish the #BharatJodoYatra to succeed in its goal of reinventing our glorious republic.”

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