India is new hope for world amidst conflicts: PM Modi

New Delhi: Highlighting India’s rising stature at the international forums, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that India offers new hope for the world amidst global unrest and conflicts.

Addressing the ‘Yuva Shivir’ organized at Karelibaug, Vadodara via video conferencing, PM Modi said, “From delivering vaccines and medicines to the world amid the Covid-19 crisis and scattered supply chain to the role of a capable nation for peace in the midst of global unrest and conflicts, India is the new hope of the world today.”

PM Modi’s remarks assumed significance amid the Ukraine-Russia war which is adding to the woes of global supply chains. “We are showing the path of Yoga to the entire humanity and the power of Ayurveda. We are emerging as a nation looking forward to a new future, from software to space. The goals which were considered impossible for India once, today the world is also seeing how India is doing better in such areas,” he said.

Referring to Indian culture, PM Modi said “Sanskar” means education, service, sensitivity, dedication, determination, and strength. “Today we are taking a collective resolve, making efforts to build a new India. A new India with a forward-looking approach and ancient tradition! Such a new India, which moves ahead by taking both new thinking and age-old culture together, will give direction to the entire mankind,” he said.

The ‘Yuva Shivir’ is being organized by Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Kundaldham, and Shree Swaminarayan Temple Karelibaug, Vadodara.

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