India issues new guidelines: Waives quarantine for foreign travellers

India is opening its frontiers for international travellers and Covid -19 cases drop recovery rate spikes and the vaccination program gets aggressive without the hassle of compulsory quarantine. Fully vaccinated travellers from nations that India has a reciprocal arrangement with for acceptance of World Health Organisation (WHO) approved vaccines will be let in the country without having to go through home quarantine and testing from October 25, the new guidelines said. Travelers, however, will have to show a negative Covid-19 Rt-PCR report.

The new protocols will be followed at all points of entry be it airports or seaports or land borders for risk profiling of travelers

Travelers who are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated need to undertake measures like submission of sample post-arrival for Covid-19 test and which they can leave the airport and home-quarantine for seven days. A re-test will be taken on eight-day from arrival after home quarantine and if negative the person will be let out but needs to self-monitor health for the next seven days.

All travelers need to submit a self-declaration form on the online Air Suvidha portal with the Covid-19 RT-PCR report for their convenience. The test should be conducted within 72 hours prior to taking the flight and not more than that.

Declaration with respect to the authenticity of the report is required and the traveler will be liable to criminal prosecution if the report is found acquired through corrupted means.

Travelers from countries except those from high-risk ones with full vaccination certificates, negative RT-PCR reports will be allowed to leave the airport but shall self-monitor health for 14 days from arrival. This applies to all countries including ones India has a reciprocal arrangement with.

If the travelers develop symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19, that person needs to report to the nearest health facility or call helpline no 1075.

The new protocols will be followed at all points of entry be it airports or seaports or land borders for risk profiling of travelers. The ministry also clarified that based on the risk assessment the document will be reviewed from time to time.

Meanwhile, the home ministry has begun granting fresh tourist visas for foreigners coming to India through chartered flights with effect from October 15, 2021, and those entering into India by flights other than chartered aircraft will be allowed entry from November 15, 2021 on fresh tourist visas.

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