India overtakes US in total Covid-19 vaccinations

India surpassed the United States on Monday in the total number of doses of Covid-19 vaccines administered, with more than 323.6 million jabs administered in nearly six months of its national immunization program.

According to official data from the Ministry of Health early Monday, India has administered a total of 323,663,297 doses so far.

This number exceeds the 323.3 million vaccines in the United States so far, even though the US began its vaccination program a month earlier than India, according to comparative data from the Indian authorities.

About 267 million people have received at least one dose, and just over 56 million people have been administered both the doses needed for complete immunization.

India has accelerated its vaccination campaign in recent days, with a record of more than nine million people getting a jab on Monday last week.

However, in order to reach its own goal of immunizing 300 people by July 16, the country needs to administer some 12 million shots every day.

According to the government and experts, complete immunization of the population in the shortest possible time is the only viable way out of the coronavirus crisis.

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