India, USA sign MoU on biomedical sciences

New Delhi: India and the US signed an MoU for cooperation in the field of health and biomedical sciences at the end of 4th India-US Health Dialogue here. Issues pertaining to strengthening of epidemiological research and surveillance, vaccine development, zoonotic and vector-borne diseases, health systems, and health policies were discussed at the two-day event.

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya termed India as the manufacturing hub of pharmaceuticals for high-quality supply chain of medicine and drugs across the globe. “It is worth mentioning that Indian generic drugs have helped in bringing down the cost of treatment of various diseases globally. India supplies nearly all the developing world’s high-quality generic medicines. We are also the largest manufacturer of anti-TB drugs. Leveraging on this capability, we can supply affordable high-quality medication for patients the world over,” Mandaviya said in his concluding remarks.

Deliberations at the 4th Indo-US Health Dialogue noted the importance of the ongoing collaboration between the two countries in fields such as Environmental and Occupational Health, Injury Prevention and Control, Climate Change and Human Health, Antimicrobial Resistance, HIV and AIDS and Engagement with USFDA to understand the PREDICT Model, a risk-based management tool.

“We all know that both India and the US are global partners, and we also need to work collaboratively in reforming the global health architecture, whose fault lines have become amply visible during the current pandemic,” Mandaviya said.

Mandaviya stressed that funding clinical research fellowships for early and mid-career scientists within India and the USA will surely contribute to building a strong , sustainable healthcare system with skilled healthcare professionals.

The US delegation for the dialogue was led by Patricia A Lacina, Charge D’Affaires, US Embassy. She was accompanied by Loyce Pace, Director, Office of Global Affairs at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Michelle McConnell, Director, Asia and Pacific, Office of Global Affairs at U.S. Dept. (HHS), Dr Preetha Rajaraman, Health Attaché, HHS, Sangita Patel, Director, USAID, Nandita Chopra, NIAID Representative, HHS, and Dr Melissa Nyendak, Director, Division of Global HIV and TB.

Image courtesy of Image courtesy: Mansukh Mandaviya/Twitter

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