Indian American doctors from Bihar, Jharkhand launch telemedicine helpline for Covid-19 patients back home

An Indian-American group led by several doctors, who trace their origin to Bihar and Jharkhand, has launched a free telemedicine helpline for Covid-19 patients back home.
Led by Dr Avinash Gupta, who is president of Bihar and Jharkhand Association of North America (BJANA), and several of Indian-American doctors, the group is using the internet and apps to provide free healthcare consultancy to those who have tested positive for Covid-19.
“This is part of our effort to help in whatever way we can with our people back home,” said Alok Kumar, former FIA president. In the first few days, nearly a dozen doctors have been able to provide free tele help to scores of Covid-19 patients.
Lack of awareness is one of the major things that the doctors here have noticed. BAJNA has tied up with two local NGOs – Aashtha and Asha – to support this cause. In addition to one-to-one consultancy, BJANA doctors are also organizing Zoom sessions to share details of the various aspects of Covid-19.

BJANA is also working to send essential medical supplies to Patna, Kumar said.

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