Indian American leaders endorse Wes Moore and Aruna Miller

Washington, DC: Maryland Democratic nominees for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Wes Moore and Aruna Miller, met with national Indian American leaders, to discuss their upcoming gubernatorial election this fall. Indian American Impact, an early endorser of Moore and its former Executive Director Aruna Miller, is cheering on their historic ticket and doubling down on their endorsement ahead of the general election this November. If victorious, this historic upcoming election will result in the state’s first Black Governor, as well as the first woman of color to serve as Maryland’s lieutenant governor and the first South Asian or AAPI woman to serve as lieutenant governor in the United States. Their election this November will make much-needed headway in efforts to expand minority representation in U.S. politics. 

Indian American Impact Executive Director, Neil Makhija, shared the following statement: “Indian American Impact is immensely proud to have been one of the earliest endorsers of Wes Moore and Aruna Miller’s campaign for the governorship of Maryland. It came as no surprise when the historic duo advanced past their primary and we are fully confident they’ll be triumphant at the polls this November.
As the fastest growing racial voting bloc in the nation, South Asian Americans are an untapped source of potential that was finally harnessed in 2020 when Impact raised a record $15 million to support national turnout efforts in the South Asian community. This year, Wes and Aruna’s consequential candidacy further proves the urgency of investing time and resources into the expansion of minority representation in government —not just discussing its importance.  

Wes and Aruna’s exemplary commitment to meet and collaborate with Indian American leaders has been indicative of the dedication to inclusivity that would come with their election. At a time of significant political instability and distrust, we need leaders with integrity who are capable of bridging the cultural divide and prioritizing the interests of those who have been historically disregarded — and we could not be more excited to witness Wes and Aruna fill that void.” 

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