Indian-American led non-profit aims to empower women in tech

Washington, DC: An Indian-American entrepreneur has launched a non-profit that is driven to empower young women with the skills to launch their own businesses.

Avni Barman founded ”Generation She” in 2018 with the intention of closing the gender gap in the current leadership landscape.

According to the non-profit’s website, Barman and her team plan to close that gap by “instilling young women with a sense of ownership and entrepreneurial spirit.”

Having worked for various tech companies and always being the only female on the team, Barman was compelled to personally re-assess the lack of gender diversity in technology.

“Culture shifts start from the top. I believe that if we approach this problem top-down as well, with a goal to have more women leading companies, the workplace culture will naturally shift towards improved diversity,” Barman said in a statement posted on the site.

“With this approach, we can more rapidly attain gender balance in the workplace,” she said. (IANS)


Image courtesy of IANS

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