Indian-American Meera Joshi Appointed As Deputy Mayor of New York City

New York: In a historic move, New York’s Mayor-elect Eric Adams announced that he would appoint five women for deputy mayor positions. Adams announced an all-female leadership team in administration at a press conference on December 20 which include Indian-American attorney Meera Joshi. She has been named as Deputy Mayor for Operations.

“For us to ensure that NYC recovers quickly while addressing the inequalities that plagued us well before COVID-19 struck, we must have top leadership that can both deliver for and is representative of New Yorkers. I’m proud to introduce 5 history-making Deputy Mayors today,” Adams tweeted.

Joshi, an attorney with over 16 years of experience leading government oversight agencies, was the acting administrator for the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration since January.

As Deputy Mayor for Operations, Joshi s entitled to ensure that New York City can respond in real-time to meet and exceed the needs of every community and be a model of excellence for all urban centers, said Adams.

Joshi served as the chair and CEO of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, the largest in the nation for-hire transportation regulator. With them, she spearheaded novel Vision Zero campaigns using data tools to keep high-risk drivers and unsafe vehicles off the road, her bio noted.

“I am deeply honored to serve Mayor-elect Eric Adams and all New Yorkers. Our work ahead is clear. The operations of our city must meet and exceed the needs of every community, respond in real-time and be a model of excellence for all urban centers,” Joshi said.

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