Indian American political advocacy group launches historic $2.5 M campaign in Georgia

Washington, DC: IMPACT, an Indian American advocacy and political action committee, has launched a historic $2.5 million campaign to turnout Asian American voters in Georgia ahead of the January Senate runoffs. The funds will be spent on digital, mail, and turnout operations.

“You can’t tell the suburban vote story without telling the Asian American vote story,” IMPACT Executive Director Neil Makhija said. “The Democratic Party couldn’t win the presidency or the Senate without Asian Americans. In November, South Asian and Asian American voters were the critical difference between victory and defeat in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. The numbers are striking: Asian Americans increased turnout more than any other demographic, nearly doubling in Georgia. Asian Americans are becoming a core constituency of the Democratic Party, but they can’t be taken for granted.”

“We are poised to play a critical role in January for the Georgia Senate runoff races,” Makhija continued. “IMPACT’s historic investment over the remaining weeks of the campaign will harness this emerging power of South Asian and Asian American voters to help deliver Georgia and control of the U.S. Senate for Democrats.  This election can play a transformative role for the Biden-Harris Administration and for our country, and Asian Americans realize that —which is why they’re already turning in their ballots in record numbers.”

In November’s general election, AAPI voters — the fastest-growing demographic nationally and in the state of Georgia — helped swing Georgia for Democrats for the first time in more than 25 years.

IMPACT’s new Georgia campaign follows its $10 million campaign in November focused on targeting Asian American voters in Pennsylvania and Arizona, the largest-ever effort to target South Asian voters.

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