Indian American teen honored with Daily Point of Light Award

Washington DC: Sanika Datar, an Indian American from Kirkland, Washington was recently honored with a Daily Point of Light award. The award was established in 1989 by the late President George H.W. Bush to celebrate the power of extraordinary individuals to spark change and improve the world by donating their time and talent to better their communities.

Datar has been recognized for her service initiatives and community engagement efforts with Space For Youth, her non-profit organization. She was recognized both as a Point of Light national honoree and on the Inspiration Honor Roll that was presented during the 2021 presidential gala event in D.C.

Datar is a prominent youth advocate and is working with the Kirkland City Council planning committee to promote safer bike lane standards as part of their 2022 Active Transportation Plan update.

Over the past summer, Datar organized the Kirkland Children’s Business Fair to promote entrepreneurship among young kids. She is also a Sustainability Ambassador for Kirkland and is working with a team of peer ambassadors, local change-makers and city officials to educate and promote solar potential in the neighborhood.

Recently, she received a Presidential Volunteer Service Award and was nominated as 2021-22 National Community Ambassador.

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