Indian American teen Neil Nayyar gaining global attention for music

Neil Nayyar, recently featured in The Sacramento Bee for his mastery of 107 instruments, is set to make appearances and record music in commercials for Honda and will score two films in 2022 among other major projects.

Neil has made waves in the local press for his musical prowess, but his reach is quickly becoming international with his appearances in both television and in film, among other projects.

On television, Neil and his mother were featured as Super Musician and Sacramento Super Mom respectively in a Honda commercial, featuring a selection of Neil’s 107 instruments. He has also signed on for a second commercial that will debut in June. In both commercials, Neil has composed music and played his instruments.

In film, Neil’s first role will be “A Sikh Guy” in an Epoch Education Film. The short film will help educate on how people interact with Sikh employees in the workplace. Using his musical side, Neil has signed two contracts to score for films in 2022. The first, a short film titled “Amma’s Ashes or Mystery at the Sacramento River”, was selected by the Access Sacramento film studio as a screenplay to be produced this summer for the Place Called Sacramento Film Festival and the story begins with River Kaveri in India. The second, a full feature called “Lottery” is in pre-production with filming to begin in late 2022.

He will also be the first to play the Star-Spangled Banner on the Indian Sitar at a professional sporting event in US history when he performs at the Sacramento River Cats baseball game later this year. He is also selected for Grammy Camp for Audio Engineering in Los Angeles in August as he continues to hone his recording craft. Neil has already started working on his first album and first music book. The album will have five songs and is currently in the mastering stage. The five-song album will have one song featuring all 107 world instruments Neil plays.  (Source:

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