Indian American Vin Gopal wins second term for NJ Senate seat

Democratic state Sen. Vin Gopal declared victory last Friday in an unexpectedly tight race to retain his District 11 legislative seat. 

Gopal expressed gratitude to Monmouth County voters who supported him in what he described as a “Republican tidal wave” and said he would focus his second term on addressing their concerns by bringing back civility to the political process. 

“Name-calling, partisan bickering and misleading attacks will not solve any of the problems that our residents face in their day-to-day lives,” he said. “It’s time for a new generation of leaders to stand up, bring us back together, and deliver results for working families.” 

Gopal wrote that he felt safe calling the race in his favor after the most recent vote count Nov. 4 showed he led Republican challenger Lori Annetta by more than 2,000 votes while fewer than 1,800 votes remained to be counted. The total shows Gopal with 35,255 votes and Annetta with 33,17, according to report. 

Despite the victory, Gopal said Democrats statewide need to learn a lesson from the shellacking many took at all levels of government, the report said. 

“I believe this should be a big wake-up call for Democratic Party as a whole,” he said in the report. “Voters are frustrated by mandates and government overreach, and they are holding all Democrats responsible. It’s up to Democrats to hear the will of the voters because they were loud and clear.” 

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