Indian Americans in California protest against BBC documentary on PM Modi

New York: The Indian community on Saturday held a protest against the BBC documentary series “India: The Modi Question” at Fremont in the San Francisco Bay area of California.

About 50 members, under the banner of “Indian Diaspora”, chanted slogans and marched through the streets of Fremont in San Francisco area of United States stating that they “reject BBC’s sinister and biased documentary.” While marching in Fremont, people were shouting slogans like “Biased BBC” and “racist BBC.”

While protesting at Fremont, people carried banners which said, “BBC IS A BOGUS Broadcasting Corporation” and “Indian Diaspora rejects BBC’s Sinister and Biased Documentary against Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” “BBC Documentary spreading fake propaganda,” “BBC is a fake news peddler.”

UK’s national broadcaster BBC aired a two-part series attacking PM Narendra Modi’s tenure as Gujarat Chief Minister during the Gujarat riots of 2002. Prominent Indian-origin UK citizens condemned the series. Prominent UK Citizen Lord Rami Ranger said the “BBC caused a great deal of hurt to over a billion Indians.”

On January 19, India denounced the controversial BBC documentary series on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and described it as a “propaganda piece” that is designed to push a discredited narrative.

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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