Indian-Americans in Washington celebrate drive-thru Independence Day

Under the concept of a drive-thru festival, more than 800 cars drove into a first-of-its-kind Independence Day celebration in the suburbs of Washington DC to commemorate India’s 74th Independence Day.
People and their wheels lined up bumper to bumper to see a display of floats that gave the Indian diaspora the true essence of India packed with a punch of nostalgia.
The drive-thru festival was organized by husband-wife duo Manish Sood and Deepa Shahani. An innovative concept that was created by the Soods, had its own journey from ideation to execution keeping COVID-19 in mind.
Many in the crowd held India’s Tricolor, adorned traditional ensembles and danced to the tunes of patriotic numbers.
The highlight of the event was, of course, the Indian Tricolor that was unfurled with pride and patriotism.
The flag was hoisted at the event by Minister Community Affairs, Anurag Kumar, who was the Guest of Honor.
Flowers were showered by a chopper on the flag and those who gathered to participate in the festivities presenting a spectacle for the local residents and visitors. (ANI)

The festival was brainchild of duo Manish Sood and Deep Shahani

Image courtesy of (Image courtesy: ANI)

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