Indian-Americans to help Trump keep the White House

Warren, NJ: Looking at the achievements of Donald J Trump as President since taking office, the Indian-Americans for Trump realize that President Trump’s
first term was indeed focused on reviving the American economy, rightly bringing America on the world stage, defeating terrorism, regulating immigration, and establishing peace through strength. Furthermore, they also believe that he is the best hope for America to continue on this course of strength for the next four years. They do not see any candidate, in either party, who could come close to him for the office of the president of the United States of America.

Dr. A. D. Amar, who was one of the three academics to endorse Trump for president early in 2016, much before the 2016 primaries, and had served as the founding President of Indian-Americans for Trump 2016, conferred with some prominent professionals and community activists about helping the reelection of President Donald J. Trump. The result has been the formation of the committee named Indian-Americans for Trump. It is formed with the only purpose to garner actively the support of all Americans, but particularly the Americans of the Indian Subcontinent, to have Donald J. Trump reelected as the President of the USA.

The Committee is led by Dr. A. D. Amar, a Business Professor at Seton Hall University, as its President, and businessman Anura Rupasinghe of Metuchen and Pravesh Chaturvedi of Bloomsbury as its Vice Presidents. Mayor Vic Sordillo of Warren Township, NJ is the PAC Advisor.

On June 28, 2020, the Indian-Americans for Trump was duly registered as a PAC by the FEC.

The Indian-Americans for Trump strongly believes that under the prevailing domestic and international conditions, Donald Trump is the best hope for America to bring back domestic prosperity for all Americans and play a leading role in establishing global peace. The officers of the Indian-Americans for Trump urge all Americans, irrespective of their nationality, race, color or creed, etc., to join in their effort, and support Donald J. Trump in his endeavor to make America great again by reelecting him to continue as the President of the USA. They encourage all Americans to become
members of this Committee and contact Dr. A. D. Amar at [email protected] or Anura Rupasinghe at [email protected] or Pravesh Chaturvedi at [email protected]. There is no membership fee or financial obligation to join the committee.

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