Indian Americans to welcome Biden-Harris with Kolam on inauguration day

To welcome President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris on inauguration day (January 20), Indian Americans are making thousands of kolam tiles at the US Capitol to help heal the divide.

“Some beauty after the chaos: in front of the U.S. Capitol Thursday, thousands of kolam tiles are being made to welcome @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris later this month,” tweeted IndiasporaForum.

Earlier, Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol building last week and clashed with police when Congress was in session to validate Biden’s presidential win in November elections. Indians believe that kolam can help in healing the divide and solve the problem.

“Many believe kolams can help heal divides and welcome what’s next. #2021kolam @2021Kolam” tweeted the Forum.

A kolam is an Indian art form of geometric patterns, used as a sign of welcome. Drawn outside homes, the beautiful designs made of dots and lines provide a sense of joy and calm to all who enter.

Traditionally hand-drawn with rice flour, kolams are inclusive and eco-friendly. The dots on a kolam depict hardships in life, and the lines drawn around the dots represent the way we navigate around our struggles and turn our lives into a beautiful mosaic work of art.

The Forum believes that it will solve problems and foster the beautiful patterns of diversity and inclusivity in America. (ANI)

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