Indian compound mixed archery team loses in quarters

Jakarta, Aug 24: The Indian compound mixed archery team of Jyothi Surekha Vennam and Abhishek Verma lost to Iran in the quarter-finals of the 18th Asian Games here on Friday.

Jyothi and Abhishek lost 153-155 to the Iranian pair of Fereshteh Ghorbani and Nima Mahboubi Matbooe.

Earlier in the day, Jyothi and Abhishek defeated Fatimah Saad and Eshaq Ibrahim of Iraq 155-147 in the pre-quarterfinals.

The Indian pair won the first set at 40-36. They maintained their dominance to win the next three sets 37-36, 39-38 and 39-37.

In the finals, the Indian pair scored 39, 39, 37, 38 in each of the four sets. The Iranian pair bettered them with scores of 38, 39, 40, 38.

India won the first set 39-38 and the second set ended 39-39 as the total stood at 78-77.

In the third set, Iran overtook as India scored 37 while, the former got a full 40. The two-point deficit proved to be the difference as the fourth and final set saw the teams score an identical 38, as India got a total of 153, while Iran had 155.

With this win, Iran joined South Korea, Singapore and Chinese Taipei in the semi-finals.

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