‘Indian Fashion Trunk’ dazzles the New York Fashion Week runway

Indian fashion dictates the future of fashion. “Indian Fashion Trunk” during New York  Fashion Week presented by the young designers of Inter National Institute of Fashion Design  (INIFD) was a celebration of the craftsmanship of emerging Indian student designers which was held on  September 9, 2022, at Angel Orensanz Center, 172 Norfolk Street, Manhattan.

Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) and London School of Trends (LST)  presented “Indian Fashion Trunk” during New York Fashion Week for the 6th  Season. Designs depicted India’s rich culture, indigenous craftsmanship, art, design, originality, and textiles from different states of India. The use of vibrant colors with rich deep hues and fabrics is due largely to the craftsmanship that makes India a  powerhouse source for fashion and goods.

Anil Khosla, CEO, INIFD praised the young designers for taking forward Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mantra to adopt sustainable, eco-friendly fashion and adopting his ‘5F’  Formula – Farm to fiber; fiber to factory; factory to fashion; fashion to foreign. “I’m incredibly proud of all the young student designers who worked so hard to showcase at the premier fashion week and have always brought laurels to the country. It is a matter  of pride for the young INIFD designers for having traveled across the globe from Lakme Fashion Week in India to the world’s top two fashion weeks – London Fashion Week and New York Fashion  Week.”

Students coming from diverse backgrounds focused on spring-summer trends while embracing an exciting season. Overseen by a fashion expert with experience of more than 20 years, Gintare Jankuniene, the students created a collection of 55 womenswear all of which reflected their personal narratives.

The spectacular collection was designed on the basic principles of DECONSTRUCTION.  Incorporating an experimental approach to their work, designers produced a conceptual but ultimately wearable outfit by deconstructing: unpicking three simple garments (trousers, jacket, and men’s shirt) and taking them back to flat pieces then adapting, developing, and reconstructing into different designs. Students worked on design innovation whilst demonstrating an awareness of commercial considerations when designing and producing an outfit.

The spectacular collection was designed on the basic principles of DECONSTRUCTION.

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