Indian-origin Prisca Thevenot makes her way to French parliament

Prisca Thevenot became first French woman of Indian descent to be elected in the legistative election held on Sunday, June 19. 

Prisca’s great grandfather was from South India and migrated to Mauritius a very long time ago. Her mother, Balasoobramen moved to France and Prisca was born in Strasbourg, in the Alsace region. 

She successfully pursued her studies in Stains, and later in Grande Ecole. She was very much interested in social work and civic actions, and thus founded the Civil Impact association. 

She finally joined the LREM (La République en Marche – party of President Emmanuel Macron) and cultivated her networks with the politicians and long-standing party members and also gained access to political mentors. 

She was appointed official spokesperson of LREM. She is also an elected regional representative of the Île-de-France region since 2021. 

Prisca Thevenot was responsible for bringing the voice of her political movement LREM to public debate, defending and explaining the actions of the government. She was regularly in the media (TV, Radios & newspapers). She was also responsible for speaking on different issues including the management of Covid- 19. 

She represented the LREM party in the Legislative Election 2022, in the 8th constituency of Hauts-de-Seine and successfully got elected with 65,75% of the votes. 

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